The future of streaming platforms


Stream2Earn – StreamN is a global platform that allows millions of users to freely create content and stream their work to people with similar passions and interests. Stream2Earn uses high-quality interactive technology that allows users to freely chat, give gifts and be recognized, especially viewers can interact with streamers and can access events and access with the top streamers in the region.

“A platform that helps content creators and viewers make money”

About Us

This will be where advertisers will pay to be able to promote their products to users as viewers or collaborate with content creators to promote. Profits will be shared back to content creators and viewers.


Our goal is to bring many benefits to users. Where all content creators and viewers can profit.

Content creators will receive high benefits based on products with attractive content, attracting many viewers.

Viewers will receive a lot of gifts for watching and participating in regular 

Advantages of the platform


We deliver low-latency audio and video product experiences across a variety of media networks, serving nearly 400 million users in 150 countries worldwide.

Our innovative algorithm automatically adapts to different hardware platforms and environments, and optimizes audio quality, code speed, and line fluency metrics whether you where.


We provide real-time video and audio content filtering with millisecond latency, including comprehensive real-time content detection such as pornography detection, drug detection , detect political terrorism, detect gambling and detect dangerous individuals.We are building an end-to-end AI platform with extremely powerful computing power that enables algorithmic innovation of Intelligent Content Suggestion, Computer Vision, Speech Recognition and natural Language Processing. 


Smart content recommendations, based on online DNN & GNN technology, effectively capture changes in each user’s personalized preferences and respond to their needs in real time, giving users have a unique entertainment experience.Our leading CV (Computer Vision) algorithm research includes image recognition, face detection, location and keypoint tracking, gesture tracking, portrait segmentation, and video multidimensional analysis.

How To Earn?


1. Download the app on the App Store and Google Play Store. If you have problems, use the apk version available on the website.


2. Create your profile and link your BSC wallet address. (wallet connection will be disabled until the development of the next phase of the project)


3. Log in to the app and start live streaming or watch other streamers’ live streams. The rewards received will increase with the time you join the application. Broadcasting stream will earn more rewards.







Marketing push to spread awareness
White Paper V1 Release
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StreamN Mobile App Mode Launches Beta
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Announcement about major partners
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Smart Contract Creation
Website Launch
KYC & Audit Smart Contract
Successful StreanmN Launch
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Launch Pinksale


Influencer Marketing Push
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Demo Release
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